Daughter of my boss who sits next to

Daughter of my boss who sits next to me...

I have a confession to make. All the nights we have both been in the office after hours, I have wanted nothing more than to take you and do all the nasty things my mind can think of.
You have this power over me, makes me not even think of my wife.
Can you keep a secret? I wish you would keep your mouth open for me and keep your mouth shut at the same time. OH the joys that would bring.
I m********* at my desk thinking of you several times a day...how I haven't been caught yet is a wonder.
Even now I am completely hard looking at your reflection.
You always smell good and you always make sure your ample chest is visible...I almost think you are doing it for me.
You have told me about "boy toys"...why don't you reconsider and come make use of this "man toy" instead??

ARGH...why can't I risk it all? I would lose my job, my wife and my life if I make the wrong choice and decide to let you in on how I feel. But the passions that could be shared...

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  • I'd recommend against doing anything, and stop jerking off at work. She won't catch you, but someone else will. I thought it was a dumb idea to tell your wife, so dont listen to the dope that suggested that. Instead, go to your wife and tell her how you'd like her to be. A lot. Be persistant. If she's fat, go to the gym with her. If she's a prude, teach her. Don't be a d***.

  • Oh s***!

  • ^Yes thats why women are all over jerks who do nothing but knock em up and leave em, then when the guy comes back they fall for the same bullshit. Bad example dumbass

  • Dude she has you right where she wants you. I bet you do most of her grunt work and don't even think twice about it. Men can easly be led around by the b****.

  • Wow, I got wet reading that. What a beautiful confession. I think the idea of cheating just makes her even more desirable. I would continue to m********* thinking of her. Maybe talk about problems with your wife at home, maybe it will turn into a sexual discussion. If it does tell her your wife doesn't give good head, possibly she'll be up for the challenge and offer to suck your c***. Are you an attractive guy?

  • Get over it, old man.

  • does nobody realize that he is obviously not going to risk it all since he hasn't done it already?
    and does nobody read the "please have consideration for the confessee when making a comment"?
    these are people getting stuff off their chests, not so you can swoop in and cry out how wrong they are

  • dido the first comment. What a looser

  • If you're willing to lose everything for a fantasy that has zero probability of coming true, then... you're an idiot. I hope your wife leaves your scummy ass.

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