everyone thinks my life is

everyone thinks my life is perfect.
they think im funny and pretty.
i have great friends.
they think im flawless.
they think im graceful and can handle anything.
they think im strong and confident.
they think nothing goes wrong in my life.

in reality i think im fat and ugly.
im weak and have no self-esteem.
i think no guy will ever want me.
my parents r divorced.
im bulimic.
i can barely look at myself in the mirror.
my mom hates me.
me siblings r idiots.
my dad is dating a woman half his age. and her and her 2 kids have moved in with him.
my best friend died last october.

im breaking on the inside.

i f****** hate myself.

somehow i pull it all off. so i must be one damn good actress.

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  • See my previous comment on melodramtic, hyperbolic bullshit
    at least you are good at something, maybe you should look into that acting thing!

  • at least you are good at something, maybe you should look into that acting thing!

  • How often do u shave ur p****

  • ^ "You are" a self righteous piece of useless s***. I have depression, and fought it out through therapy. It is hard for people with eating disorders and depression, yes, but it doesn't give you a right to make yourself a martyr. The world keeps spinning, whether you have any disease or condition, she's no one special or amazing, other people with worse problems fight through worse things. Kudos to your sister for beating her eating disorder though.

  • u guys r stupid. she cant help but feel that way. bulimia bdd and depression r mental illnesses. u dont just wake up one morning and decide to stop. it takes time to heal.
    yeah its not helpin her at all by throwing up all her food. its not helping anyone. but she CANT help it. its a sickness.
    --u guys r so f****** lame. people come here to confess and u r supposed to give her advice on how to help with problems. u guys r probably just makin things worse.

    im sry u r going through this. my sister went through aneating disorder too and i saw how hard it was for her. its not ur fault that u r the way u r. and dont listen to the dipshits above. just get help and become healthy. u deserve it.

  • Your selfish! There are women in Mexico f****** donkeys for a living to feed their children and your forcing yourself to hurl up food that can save lives. Get over it! Your problems are nothing comapared to what goes on all over the glob. At least your not In China buried under ruble, or disfigured my bombs in afgahnistan. Get off your butt and go help poeple in the real world and then you'll stop throwin' up that s*** and feel better about yourself. Plus your organs could rupture and you could die from bulimia.

  • Don't be such an emo b****.
    Diva 23

  • well i just thought you should know..

    my therapist finally decided whats wrong with me today.

    i have body disphormic disorder..[i think thats right]
    i of course have an eating disorder.
    and im depressed.

    i start my medication tomorrow.


    thanks so f****** much for the great advice.

  • Well, you see... Your actual problem is that you're a dumbass.

    I would point out the things about you that I have observed that prove this point, but I have done this many times before, and it has gotten me nowhere. I just thought you should know.

  • See my previous comment on melodramatic, hyperbolic bullshit

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