I love to be with married men. The fact

I love to be with married men. The fact that I am having s** with someone else's man turns me on. I love giving them good s**. I get off when they eat my p**** and ass out, then send them home smelling like good p****. I wish their wives would watch my sexy puerto rican ass s**** their man.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I can relate. love to hear them tell me how i f*** them good whle their wife lies like a dead fish. love it when they beg me to see them.

  • Nice...

  • Well my fantasy is exactly that and i'm a married guy. I have never cheated my 22 year old wife. We have been together 6 years and married little bit over year. The hole thought is getting me rock hard and crazy. My fantasy: There is this hot girl who starts to flirting and touching. First I refuse to do anything, then she starts to strip her clothes. When she's all naked she goes to our bedroom and get on her knees on the bed so I can see her wet p**** and round ass. Then she says: C'mon f*** my p****, I know you want it, your wife will never know. Then I can't resist it anymore. I get my clothes off and put my hard c*** into that wet p****. The girl has this crooked smile and enjoys the feeling because she did get me cheating with her. Then she want's me to c** in her and says that she's on birth control pills. I believe her and I pump my huge load in her p****. After I have done it she tells me that she was lying, she just wanted to have my baby. She blackmails me and tells me I have to continue f****** her in the future otherwise she tells my wife.

  • That's hot.

  • Ignore all of the haters. You are enjoying yourself and that is what matters, not what these people feel about you, right? And I am sure the married men enjoyed what they were doing with you as well. How they deal with their wives and their marriages is their business.

  • What makes any of u any better? look how mean you are. she was just making a confession she cant help what she likes. believe me..im the same way and i cant help it that it turns me on and like has been said....we dont make your man f*** us. try being a little nicer. its just s**..we dont want to keep him. learn the difference between s** and love and maybe yo wont be so uptight.

  • Im latina and I have had s** with married guys before but most of the married guys are unhappy with their wives and then there are some that just tell me they just are attracted to me, one married man once told me his weak point had always been a beautiful woman. I have a nice face,curvy body,and I'm smart. I love having s** with married man, is the best. They go all out and I'm sure is not just the guy's fault or mistress, what am I supposed to do cover myself so no guy is attracted to me? Married woman should just learn how to keep a man satisfied, could have a quick one every once in a while.

  • Where u stay I am married

  • It is funny how you claim to be so beautiful, but really you are a very ugly person inside (which truly does matter more in the long-run). Now, please stop posting before we all gang up and have you deported.

  • Your an a******. How old are you? Leave the adult stuff to adult women and men. Any money bet I am more educated than you and have have a better job than you. You are weak. I am the one in control and I always get what I want. Stop hatin b****.

  • ^No wrong we are beautiful inside and out. Which is why we are confidant enough to go after single men, not desperate men who are married and just using girls like you for a nasty f***!

  • Player hatin b******. B****** who calls other women whores is jealous women. You are probably fat b****** who don't have a man. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

  • Speaking for girls that are hispanic, we are not all like that nor are we at this "Latinas" level of intelligence. Go back to work, whoring around Mrs. Stinky Latina.

  • ^ Your probably a cochina transvestite, leave the nice women alone you cold dirty ass b****!

  • Your a sick b**** for even thinking that. Must of happened to you. I am very happy. I don't need to prove s*** to you. If I seen your husband, I can take him away from you just for being a b****. I know I look way better that you. You sound like white trash and your white men loves latinas like me. B****

  • ^ You don't seem so happy being a w****, to top it off you have no class! Stop hurting people your only showing your true colors that way. What happened to turn you into such a monster? Did daddy, uncle, brother all have their turn with you and now your living up to their expectations of you?

  • B**** I didn't make him f*** me. So don't say I made him go down the slope. I don't ask these men to leave their wives because I don't want them to. I wasn't the one who signed the marriage certificate. Don't hate on me. I get tired of wives blaming their mistresses. If you learn how to f*** your husband properly you would not have them cheat on you. Sometimes you wives feel you should have s** with your man because you're married to them. Open your legs and let him f*** you, b****. Don't hate me because my p**** is good p****. When I get on top of the and ride their c****, I make them look at my p**** c****** on that c***. You have to be a freak to keep your man. I tell the man to rip my panties and eat this p****. I love it when they toungue f*** my p**** and they play with my a******. My p**** is dripping as I am thinking about it. I think I might call one of them to get my p**** eaten and f*****.

  • It's a girl like you that helped rip apart my family.

    You made my children hate me for leaving him, a girl like you lead my husband down a slope that eventually killed him.

    My children cry out for their father.

    If he never met some trash like you, they wouldn't have to.

  • Just turn your feelings into more constructive and positive ones rather than destructive and retaliative ones. Just think about what a great service you are providing to married men. You may be saving some of them's marriges.

  • I can't believe you'd do that. It's one thing to have an affair because you truly love the person even if they're married but it's another to just f*** them like they're nothing. So vulgar. Lives change you. I hope you realize that and refrain from being such a s***.
    Good day to you.

  • yeah i'll eat that pretty puerto rican p**** and lick that sexy puerto rican a$$.

  • hey i'm married, will you have s** with me. I want you to send me home smelling like good p****.

  • You know it is kinds fuc**d up that someone would wish std. You are going to h*** b****. You are probably an ugly b****. Don't hate the player hate the game. If you have a husband I bet that I can f*** him. I will make you watch, b****. I will make him stick his tongue in my p**** and drink my c**

  • You are a s*** and you give Hispanic girls a bad name. You ARE afraid to find a real man. I hope you contract an STD. or worse - i hope your future husband cheats on you.

  • Your a b****, your too afraid to find a real man out there because your so called sexy puerto rican ass will worry about other b****** like you going after your man! Have some class and if your as sexy as you think you are you should find a good man of your own.

  • right on. that is turning me on!

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