I bought a vibrating d**** for my wife

I bought a vibrating d**** for my wife. It's about 8 inches long and has variable vibrating speeds. I was curious how it would feel, so I lubed it up with astroglide, and slid it into my ass. I turned the vibrator on low at first and slowly turned it up. It hurt a bit at first, but then it started to feel really good as I slid it slowly in and out. My c*** got super hard, and I got off with out ever having to touch my c***. It was amazing. It felt REALLY good. Now I am wondering what a real c*** would feel. This is kinda weird for me because I'm not attracted to men, but I cant help but wonder what it would be like to slide a real c*** in my ass.

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  • love and space

  • It is normal to have curiousity about different parts of your body, and what new things would feel like, but thinking of a d*** in the ass signifies homosexuality, so yeah, you are probably bi!

  • the reason that you like it is because the male's "g-spot" is their prostate- im not kidding - and you touch that spot (prostate) by having something in you a******. It isn't wierd.

  • I'm noticing a trend that anyone can aquire a c*** fetish and still love to have s** with women. I think its partially caused by p***. Sure, its a guy nailing a chick. Its a straight deed, but while watching the s**, you are also focusing on his d***. Its all about the d***. How the p**** pleases her. How he uses it. Slowly there is an admiration for c***, and since he is watching s** and enjoying it / masturbating to it, it becomes linked to sexual pleasure. Soon, just looking at a c*** becomes sexually exciting. Tadaa! c*** fetish. Its nothing about wanting to love a guy, or kissing someone with a beard, or being a limp wrist.

  • You're not gay, strap one on your wife and go at it, or maybe add a third person ;)

  • you are just gay. Admit it and move on. Stop trying to dance around it. The stupid guy wants a real d*** up his butt. If that's not gay the gay doesn't exist.

  • You may or may not be bisexual but in any case there is a hidden desire in you to try something new. The fact that you got her a vibrator suggests that you have some sense of sexual inadequecy in you. Well, I dont think there is anything wrong with being straight and still having some homosexual encounters. Many straight men do.

  • Enjoying a*** s** does not make him gay. Stick something up your ass and hit your prostate with it. You'll like it, i promise.

    OP: If you're going to try it with another man, obviously run it by your wife. Before that, just tell her you used it and enjoyed it. Maybe you two can get a double-ended one?

  • He is not gay, he just wants c*** up his ass!

  • "You are not gay" yet this guy want's a real d*** up his but. If that ain't gay then i don't know what is. Just admit you used your wifes vibrator it turned you gay. Once gay always gay.

  • Men have a very sensitive spot in their a*** which is why many guys are confused when they hit that spot. You are not gay you just discovered a new erotic feeling you enjoy. See if your wife will join in the pleasure with you.

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