I have a boyfriend and we have been

I have a boyfriend and we have been going out for two years and i love him but i dont get to see him because he lives far away. There is this guy here where i live that im really attracted to and I really want him. He's sweet and gentle and loving...just one problem..hes in a gang...Yea...
SO Im afraid because I like him so much and he seems so sweet, but dont the meanest ppl get into gangs?? I dont know because Im not used to being around these types of things. Im basically a white girl in a black girls body because im cluless,but i like him...and my two year guy is pure and cleancut...but where is the rush?? I want a LITTLE action at least. IM not miss goody two shoes,ya know!!!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I don't think the meanest people get into gangs, but it is based on a culture of violence. Being exposed all the time will wear down your empathy. Once you have no empathy, you have no soul. You care for no-one except yourself. That girlfriend hanging on the side will just be a fall back if he can't score with some other gang-loving chick who's trying to hook a man.

    Stick with the first guy. Sounds like a keeper, so really make an effort to keep together. Visit as much as possible. Talk or cam on the internet. Heh, my wife and I kept in touch on IRC for a summer. Cyber a few times and it keeps that side of the relationship hot and steamy.

  • Don't fall for the gangster guy. I know, my ex-husband was a sweet gentle and loving G. It's only the feeling they get in their pee pee that makes them like that the first couple of years. Then after we moved in together he quckly got very controlling, my life became endangered and the two children and I had to escape from him. Now I am 31 and trying to start my life over with two children I have no support for. I screwed up royaly by hooking up with a G.

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