I have masturbated publicly, right in

I have masturbated publicly, right in front of some beautiful women.....to my surprise, they got turned on by it....

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  • I can relate to that. I'm a female, 19 y.o. and I came out of my apartment one day and saw this guy in the parking lot below my
    balcony whacking off.
    My front door opens onto a long balcony that leads to a stairway. ( I'm on the second floor)
    From my vantage point, I could look right down into the front seat, where he was sitting, pants down around his ankles with his hand working up and down on the biggest c*** I'd ever seen.
    This guy was huge!
    It looked like he'd need three hands just to hold onto that thing, but he was whacking himself quite well with one.
    Our eyes met, but he didn't miss a stroke.
    I was mesmerized.
    I just stared at his c*** for another minute or so, when I saw a huge blob of c** start pulsating out of his d*** head.
    It just kept coming and coming (or c******, lol).
    Guy came for a good 20 seconds or so.
    He had a towel next to him on the seat, so when he finally finished, he reached over and grabbed it to dry off with.
    I was jolted back into reality, so I continued my walk to the stairs and went on down.
    He was gone by the time I got to the ground level.
    That's when I realized that where I had been standing, he had a perfect view up my dress.
    I was wearing thong underwear that day.

  • Perhaps the posters definition of 'turned on' is screaming and running down the street. Or laughing and pointing.

  • LOL I would seriously like to know what women, cause if I seen some random stranger beatin his meat in front of me, I would probably call the cops!

  • I should try that with my sister

  • Wouldn't count on that ALWAYS being the case. Or you might end up in a room full of ugly guys instead of beautiful women, and bars on the windows.

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