I hate the female race

I hate the female race & I can't wait to murder rape one..



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  • Your wealth of ignorance astounds me. Female is not a race. Every race has both males and females.

    The type of hatred you have, combined with your stupidity, makes you a useless person. Please, please, consider how over populated the world is and commit suicide. Think of it as a win-win, where you don't have to put up with the female "race" and the world doesn't have another idiot.

  • God, I could have written this response. If this commenter is still around these days, I LOVE YOU sir or madam! Hopefully, OP has crawled back under his log and spared we humans any more of his stupidity.

  • Get help - your momentary "satisfaction" will cost some naïve and loving girl her life, and yours will end with wicked slowness, being hurt on a daily basis by lifers with nothing to lose and as much irrational hate as you have, only directed mercilessly at you! Don't EVER confuse fantasy with reality, and I personally hope whoever you end up picking, is well-versed in martial arts and ends up putting you in a wheelchair. or worse, for the rest of your miserable life!

  • You are an absolutely evil person. If you ever do this, H*** will have a special place just for you. Think about this: Your sin will last but only a moment. But your punishment will last FOREVER! It'll be like this: you're thrown into heat like the sun, but you can't die (because you're already dead). After just one second you're screaming while in unspeakable agony. But it doesn't stop. It goes on for a minute, an hour, a day, a year, one hundred years, longer than you lived your life on earth. All the while, you're in screaming agony, but no one cares. You've been judged, and God has abandoned you, forever. Because of this. Because you turned on Him. That's how it'll be if you do this. But it isn't too late, not yet anyway. Don't do what you're thinking. It's just not worth it. Not even close.

  • I volunteer

  • And I thought I had issues having no luck with women. I am guessing you have never really had a woman like you, and I can't say that I blame them as they would probably want someone to love them and be nice to them.

    I hope you enjoy murder rape one of them. You will likely get caught, because most of these crimes are solved, especially if the murder raper is stupid which I also guess you are. Maybe you will know how they felt when you are in jail and someone muder rapes you.

    A real man protects and respects women even if they have hurt his feelings or broken his heart. I have been crushed by women to the point where I wanted to die but I would never want to harm them. I love the female race.

  • Do yourself a favor and go f*** yourself anon

  • Female is not a race. Get a life.

  • Omg.

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