My boyfriend cheated on me over a year

My boyfriend cheated on me over a year ago. He didn't tell me immediately what he did, but he broke up with me for the other girl. Eventually he came back to me and we got back together, and then he confessed what happened. I pretended to forgive him but the truth is I still think about it every day.

Sometimes when he kisses me, I think about the fact that he probably kissed her like that too.. Even while I was at home waiting for him to call.

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  • once a cheater - always a cheater...leave him or be miserable

  • You should have never tooken him back cause how do you know he anit cheating on you now!

  • If it happened over a year ago and you if you're still haunted by all this,I'd say it's time to move on.Chances are you're never going to truly be able to forgive him.You're simply wasting your time,take it from someone who was in your shoes not too long ago.I wasted two years of my life trying to forgive my boyfriend for cheating,trying every damn day to erase from my head images of him and the other girl,pretending I can forgive and forget and have a fresh start,trying to ignore my hidden anger and disappointment.One day I realised I was simply fooling myself.Lying to yourself doesn't get you anywhere,trust me.Be honest with yourself and don't repress your true feelings.The truth is,some people cannot forgive cheating parteners, and you know what,maybe not being able to forgive something like that is the best choice you can make.It enables you to find someone who can truly appreciate you and everyone deserves that.You don't cheat on someone you love,period! I say you end this before he wastes even more of your time,or at least try talking to him about all this,maybe you can both find a solution that works better for both.Good luck either way

  • If you cannot bring yourself to get over it, you need to leave him alone.

  • He tainted it. Its gone. Sorry.

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