I can't stand drama. I can't stand

I can't stand drama. I can't stand complaints.

They make me phsyically sick. No one believes me.

I can't stand these people complaining about their cars and their phones and posessions when they have so much. I can't stand when someone complains about having pictures taken. What's wrong with them? They don't have their faces burned off so that kids scream whenever they look at them. They aren't starving. They aren't homeless. They haven't suffered any major losses. People have it so much worse. They don't care. I hate it so much, it makes me so angry. I hate it when people are depressed. Don't even get me started on suicide, it freaking makes me sick.

And I hate that this is kind of a complaint itself.

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  • the problems are real to them! whahhhhahhahaha

  • The OP's complaint is bullshit. The OP is just b*******, and seems to think he(she?) has the right to discuss what annoys him, whereas no other person has the right to complain.
    The OP is a hypocrite.

  • The OP's complaint is a real problem. Becuase of people that spend time complaining about things that don't matter. That time would be much more productive if it was spent trying to fix the real problems of our society.

  • Agreed. I hate it when people complain about ridiculous things! That's a major pet peeve of mine!

  • ^And how is the OP's complaint a real problem?

  • They are b******* about people complaining about stupid s*** that shouldn't matter to anybody. They are not complaining about real problems.

  • ^I'm sure you do. It is a completely unreasonable fact of life that something will get on your nerves, and you will want to express your annoyance. Its just in our nature. EVERYONE complains. The poster himself complained, which makes him(or her) a hypocrite. If they really practiced what they spew, they would never have posted this. Like everyone else said, its human nature.

  • Why does this commenter have to be a whinny 14 year old. I think they are totally right. People need to stop complaining about their so called messed up life because it could always be worse. Just because things go wrong or get on our nerves doesn't mean we have to complain. Anyway I agree with poster.

  • Word. I agree.

  • Christ I hate confessions from whiney little 14 yr olds like this. Have you ever had clinical depression before? Do you even know what it is? It's chemicals in your head that go haywire and MAKES you depressed. That's why some people commit suicide because without medication there's literally no way out. I watched my sister for three years just sit alone all day long because she was so sick and depressed. It was sad. So, shut your little mouth if you DON'T know what you're f****** talking about.

  • Seriously! It's only human nature to worked up about something, ya dumbfuck! If you don't have any problems, good for you, but the rest of America has a shitload of problems. GET THE F*** OVER IT.

  • Shut the f*** up. Its called human condition, and unless your a f****** Stepford wife, something is going to get on your nerves. If you don't like it, don't listen.

  • OMG, I totally have to charge my phone before I go to the party tonight. Otherwise everybody wont see me on it.

  • hahaha
    i agree.

  • LOL I am glad you added that last part, cause I was about to say that! Anyways, I agree with what you are saying, cause people can complain about stuff that really means nothing, and they could have it a lot worse, like you said.

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