My p**** curves, if i m********* with a

My p**** curves, if i m********* with a different hand will that help, plus will girls have s** with a guy just because he as a huge p****.

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  • If you got any sense you will get out of that relationship with karen and her wild kids who are exactly like her. they drink and do drugs and hang out at heavy metal shows and all the family have been in jail. get out now pete while you can. I pray some other quality woman beats karen to alter with you and she learns hurt and how it feels to be rejected for being such a b****. my friend said " he looks like a mormom and in that case he may have heaps of wives and give her aids or something". but it won't last and karen is going to end up in a bad way drinking all the time with her female friends who live rough lives like karma and karen are so alike its not funny its just that each are walking the other way, one out of s*** and one into s***. karen is not the right woman for pete, his mother can see that. his friends told him after her daughter assaulted him then made out it was him attacking her. I mean its all part of the family game. I would say, pete. that is the way that family flow her old man did similar to me and my sister, he assaulted us and went around telling everyone we s** assaulted his daughter karen and we didn't, he was the one molesting us and they are cunning like that. you deserve better I told him after the sisters wedding was over ! tell them go get after her calling the police, he can't afford to have a ruined reputation on norfolk he has worked too hard for that. karen is trouble all the family have a mental illness and alcoholic and drug problems and I had to warn him in private.

  • ok so I have nothing to worry about.

  • Most times the curve of a p**** is natural, and cannot be affected by masterbating with a different hand. . .but it's okay, curved ones are not a bad thing!

  • penises that curve are FABULOUS during s**.

  • ^My point is that you are a loser, and if you want to meet girls/show off your p****, sitting your fat lazy ass at a computer all day is NOT the way to do it. . .at least not on this site! So, you probably know my posts too cause I always tell you the same thing!

  • ok what your point.

  • ^I think I know who you are, not in real life, but I think I know all of your confessions. . .it is 9 inches right. . .and your scared to talk to the pretty girl who comes into your job???? I am pretty sure that this is you, so don't try to say that it is not. . .

  • no I just couldn't find the old one so i forgot if i posted it already or not sorry.

  • You posted a similar question already, what, are you trying to start a thread like incest boy?

  • The really s***** ones will.

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