I'm 20 years old, and sometimes i think

I'm 20 years old, and sometimes i think im just as bad as a guy. Everytime I see a older hot man i think of all the naughty things i would do to him...and it gets me wet so fast which makes me want to beg them to f*** me hard. Do all woman think like this? or am i just a s** fiend?

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  • I love when the 20 and early 20's women tell me they want to f***. Have had at many from the sports bar I go to. We both benefit. They get to have the older guy, and I get to nail as many of them as possible, knowing it's just s** and not anything relationship.

    My one friend who worked there is 20, has a kid, and just off a relationship. We've had s** a few times before, but now..Knowing her mind frame..Think I'm not going right back after her? I want to toss that little body all around my bed. Or, for that matter when he kid isn't home, hers.

  • What harm is there in daydreaming & fantasy? If you are not acting on your thoughts I see nothing wrong with an active imagination. There are many "older" men who have s** appeal that you are noticing, I am sure that you aren't being turned on by some bald "older" man in a tee shirt with a beer belly...

  • Welll, I am lurking around your corner B****...your next door neighbor perhaps, waiting, til I f****** rape u in the a******

  • Mr 30's just wants to see if his p*** writings are good enough for Penthouse Letters. Sorry. It's not.

  • Ok to the 30 year old ass clown. Get a life. Jackin off while postin a comment on a secret site bring a whole new meaning to the term "low"

  • ^Which is why not all of us feel the same way as the poster. . . .that guy just showed why.

  • ^Honestly.

  • ^^He was totally j********** just then. On a confession post. In his mid 30s. What younger woman would want to f*** someone like that?

  • I am an older man, mid 30's, and I'd F*** U so hard, you'd C** like it was NIAGRA FALLS baby....that's why older men are better at f******.....it's the experience factor, something young DUDS can't overCUM.....:) Can I f*** u now?? Are U wet....All 8" of my c*** in you, and the only thing that matters to me is GETTING U OFF!! How's that for a priority!!?? Older men know the secret, GET the woman off first, and she'll make U C** so HARD...................It's AWESOME.....I love younger chics, I'd f*** any 20 something right now,,,, just C** to my door!

  • I'm 18 and I always get that way around older men.

  • Depends how h**** we are, I guess.

  • Ummm, no all of us are not like that. . .especially with "older men". . .gross.

  • I hope so to both!!!!!

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