Well I recently found out by experience

Well I recently found out by experience that my testacle hurts when I e********, so I waited a little while to see if it would get better by itself, but it didn't, so I emailed the doctor, and he said to come see him. He says he's probably gonna need to stick something INTO my p****. This isn't procedurally done with any anesthetic, or anything, and I'm Danish, so we get healthcare free and I can't request it. I'll let him do what he has to unless he really has to stick something in my p****, I'd rather lose it. I won't let him do that. I mean, it's not like I'm using the thing, any way.

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  • Grosss...

  • ^Works most of the time, but not always.

  • Trust me on this. Get a jar of Icy Hot, take a big glob and smear it all over your nuts. Then jump rope naked for about 10 minutes. Whatever is blocking up the system in there will be nuked out of existence.

  • Is there any lump that you can feel? Have you been running or walking lately? Did you buy a new type of underwear? You might need more 'male support', but the lump should be looked at. Could be just a cyst, or it could be blocked seminal tubes or something.

  • OMG DUDE WHAT A F****** FREAK YOU F****** F*** OMG F***! DUDE OH F*** MY GOD WHAT THE F*** YOU F*****!?

  • That's how they test for STDs you moron! A little cotton swab is inserted briefly into the tip of your p**** and then it's tested for gonorrhea, syphilis, etc., which is probably what you have. If you're too chicken to go get treatment then you probably deserve to have your d*** fall off.

  • LOL That is messed up. . .I feel bad for you, but it may be something serious, so you may have to go through some pain to correct the problem.

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