My less-than-18-year-old daughter is

My less-than-18-year-old daughter is sending explcit pictures of herself to her boyfriend via email. She does not know that I know. Suggestions? I feel sick....

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  • Suggestions? Get the baby's room ready early..Sounds like, on the track she's going, she'll be knocked up soon..You're going to be a grandparent.

  • Face it she is a s***

  • Talk to her about the fact that all of her bf's friends have prob saw them and thinks she's a s*** now

    D.D....sry that was really mean...bad day

  • bum her

  • Tough love, will make her HATE you.
    Tell her you know what she's doing & that its inappropriate.
    But being UNDERSTANDING and having a DISCUSSION will get your point across. (you probably did some pretty stupid stuff at one point too) If not,
    Tough Love it is!

  • Take away her internet priveleges immediately.Move the computer to a shared area in your hme and set passwords so she cannot use the computer.Take her to your local women's shelter to talk with women who have been raped and have them talk to her about the dangers of putting photos of her body out there on the internet.You may want to talk to an advisor at the shelter ahead of time without your daughter knowing and tell them you want someone to scare some sense into her about how men can use/rape/beat women and strangers online or otherwise are not to be trusted. Do not care whether your daughter gets mad at you or not-I am talking about tough love and this is exactly what she needs.

  • Photoshop your face onto them, and resend to her BF. Or just shop yourself into them looking over her shoulder.

  • Ok first of all it's your house and unless your daughter pays the electric bill or any other bill for that matter then you are the queen of the castle. So just tell her that you know what she's doing and that you won't tolerate it in your house. And if she feels that strongly about it then she can move out and pay her own bills and do what she wants.


  • Beat the h*** out of her!

  • Tell her one of her e-mails accidently got sent to Gandma.

  • Masturbat to them. Then post them on the internet. That'll teach her!

  • Do nothing.

  • Define "less-than-18-year-old".
    16 is the legal age of consent in all 50 states. You may not like it, but there's nothing you can do about it.

  • Just happen to bring up a conversation about girls that get their private explcit photos to p*** websites.

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