I f***** a tranny yesterday, I have

I f***** a tranny yesterday, I have never been inside such a tight ass!!, it sorta happened, i though he was a girl, i found out late when i was soo h**** i had to c**...so she/he told me you can f*** me in the ass or i can give you a bj...i went for the ass..man that was the best s** i have had in years!!!..btw does this make me gay?

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  • Welcome to the club! Trannies f*** with a purpose and passion. I cannot get enough.

  • No you're not as long as u ain't suck tranny d***

  • If you were attracted her as a woman then no. If you were gay you would be attracted to men.

  • I don't think so

  • Not in my opinion i say do it again....

  • Well he had ccock and b**** so it means you are open to d*** .

  • Finding trannys or shemales attractive isnt gay, some of them look beutiful. see for yourself


    but f***** them is a different topic

  • Yeh u f**!!!!!

  • Yes, it does f*****

  • You are one lucky b******. They consider themselfs women so no not gay just lucky ;). Have fun with her

  • No you rule

  • If you are male and you are attracted to humans with feminine looking bodies (women and shemales ,yes shemales/trannies have a feminine body even if they have a d***) then you are 100% straight (so don't worry) but if you r attracted to people with masculine looking bodies (men or muscled dykes)then you are gay .PERIOD. those who say otherwise (that being attracted to shemales is gay) are homophobic , ignorant , or pretend to be macho males. (there r even men who r f***** by their wives -called pegging-.... even that doesn't make them homosexual).

  • Gay men like to have s** with other men. Having a p**** doesn't automatically make someone a man. We men are much more than our g*****. We are hairy, muscular, deep voiced, and we fume testosterone. Gay men aren't h**** for t-girls because they are not into girls. If you need further convincing that I'm right, look up some pictures of genetic females that have undergone transformation to make themselves look like men. Would you have s** with them? Not unless you are either gay or bi.

  • Im straight and I like hot trannies.
    All those who say you're gay they definately haven't seen hot trannies.

  • Only hot trannies that have big ass t****** not no looking like a man f*** that son

  • No you are not gay. You get define what you are PERIOD.

  • A big yes. it does make you gay. You can call a tail of a cow a its 5th leg, but i does not act like a leg,does not function like leg because it is not a leg. You can dress it up to look like a leg, but it is not. You transgender person still has the XY choromosomes in her cells. That makes her a man.

  • Yes.

  • Ihave big boot

  • I f*** trannies because they look like woman and that attracts me. I like b******.

  • Yeah don't get you one that looks like a dude

  • I dont think it matters if u are gay, bi or straight. Good f****** is good f******! in any case, she/he is pretty n u both had a great time. pity u didnt pay her back by making his/her d*** c** by rubbing or bjing it! i would have, so what!

  • If you are Gay, you are attracted to men and the male body. If you have s** with a TS/TG but they appear and identify as a female, then I don't think that makes you gay. He never said that he did anything to her (no oral, j**********, etc), so where does it make him Gay in his story? For all intents and purposes, he just banged a chick in the ass with a large c*******.

  • What are you talking about. He f***** the tranny in the ass. she had a d*** when he did that. In my book that makes him gay.

  • Wrong question to ask. A lot of people enjoy pointing a finger and calling someone gay. Somehow it makes the people who have played with a c*** in the past feel straight.

    Gay is if you desire being with a man or at least turned on by it. There are a lot of guys who won't touch a man but are perfectly willing to bed a tranny. They're something different that the media and society hasn't put a label on

  • I don't get what you are trying to say. The media does enjoy putting labels on everything, but who is to say the labels are correct. what defines a man or a woman is the genes.

  • Yes you are definately gay now.

  • No when at that stage you have to do what you have to do!100% man fuc any hole........

  • that helps abit

  • Well that does pose sorta a problem. See on one hand you are discusted and wouldn't do it again. But I think you mind is conflicted because A. you knew it was a man. B. you continued to engage in sexual activity and C. you liked it. And the last part is probably what's driving you crazy. The fact that you were not only turned on by a man but enjoyed the s**. So basically there's either one of two things going on here. Either you were gay all along and just needed someone to bring it out of you. Or you really really don't know how to control your horniness. It's almost like you were raped but you weren't. See there are some female rape victims who actually came while they were being raped. Even though they were not in the mood or h**** their physical reaction to s** just kicked in. Doesn't mean they consented. The problem here is your consent to the situation. A good sign, though, is that you won't do it again and the thought of it creeps you out. So maybe you didn't turn from straight to gay. But on that night you were gay.


  • of course not!!..i am really disgusted with myself, am glad this confession is anonymous...man just thinking of the whole thing now creeps me out!! i dont know what to do, i have been disturbed the last couple of days coz of this and i dont know what to do..am slowly becoming an emotional wreck..

  • Yes it sorta does make you gay. The question is though would you knowingly do it again. See this is just my train of thought but I'm completely and utterly straight. There's not a gay bone in my body. Now if I was getting down and dirty with what I thought was a woman and reached out and touched a d*** that would be the end of it for me. Any horniness I had would be gone and only rage and anger would exists. No way do I say I'm h**** so I'll just go with it. Or no way do I get seduced by the voice of a person I know is a man period. And lets just say that some how I didn't find out until afterwards that it was a man I certainly wouldn't be thinking to myself that it was the best s** I've had in a long time. I'd be sick and discusted at myself. See if you had finished the deat thinking it was a woman and then later on found out it was a man that would be different. But you found out before you stuck it in his butt and you did it anyway, and liked it. So face it my friend you are going to be on display at the next homosexual parade in NYC as the newest inductee.

    But you still didn't answer my question. Would you knowingly do it again with that tranny or any tranny for that matter?


  • DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You f*** a dude in the ass and say it was the best you had in years.
    YOU ARE GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • firstly, yes i used protection and h*** no! i didnt tell my gf, i havent even told anybody else other than the confession here...this was the first time i have ever done something like that, i had not even thought about..ever, so this one incident makes me gay???

  • i guess "DUDE LOOK LIKE A LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Dude you should have left the last part out. But by definition you are gay. My question though is will you knowing do it again? Because even though you were tricked originally, you found out in time to stop it. Personally I probably would have beat the crap out of it. Simply because thats misleading. If you are gay then ok, and if I'm not then let me be, but to trick me would cause me to go into a fit of rage that would have landed me behind bars for a long time. But in your case when you found out you just went with the flow. So yes you are gay.

    But I have a couple of questions out of curiosity. Were you that h**** that it didn't matter that it was a guy? I mean I can understand being so h**** that you don't care how a girl looks at the moment but a guy. WOW. And secondly did you tell your girlfriend you slept with a guy? And also did you use protection?


  • Totall gay

  • i mean, i had picked her at a club downtown, nice little girl and we were in the back of my van..after making out and all i was h**** like s*** plus she/he had 'real; b**** and a tight round ass, so she was giving me a hand job and i didnt wanna c** without tasting that p****, thats' when she told me to lie down she would ride me, which was ok, its just that i realised my d*** was not getting in easily thats when i tried to guide it in and lo and behold my hand touched a d***!! i kinda freaked out and she started apologizing thinking i was gonna beat the s*** out of her..which initially i was..but then when she spoke in that voice telling me i could have her ass..man, even my gf doesnt give ass!!

  • I would love to hear more... qwertyhydrox aol com

  • Man that's just plain nasty.

  • You are so totally gay.

  • Yeah that makes you gay and btw you loved it

  • That makes you gay.

  • HA HA HA HA HA ! ! ! ! "it sorta happened" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes. You are officially gay. March with pride.

  • may be bi

  • totally gay

  • I am straight n fuked trannys

  • I have a gf bit I still get ass on da side there turn ons and I am straight still ove p****

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