Best friend

It really sucks not having a best friend. I have nobody I can really tell everything to and it sucks. I have close friends but none of the people who I consider my best friend feel exactly the same way because they have a friend that's better than me. I want somebody who is my best friend and I'm theirs. Is that really so much to ask for I just really want a best friend.

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  • I know what you mean, considering that I don't even have close friends, just acquaintances and colleagues that I don't see outside of work.

  • I am exactly the same.

  • Try a cat or dog.

  • You'll eventually meet someone whom you can confide in. It takes time. One is ten is worth knowing, but one in ten of close friends deserve to be bestfriends. Just keep looking and you'll eventually find him or her.

  • How old are you. Best friends = husband and wife.

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