I listen to my mom and her boyfriend

I listen to my mom and her boyfriend have s** every night he's round. It gets me hard and I often m********* outside the bedroom door. I have even tried to watch them before, Im not sure if they know but Ive been doing it for a while, years. I want to stop but I get hard when I hear them and cant help myself.

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  • ^sick f***

  • Seriously, don't try to actually watch. I also used to m********* when I heard my mom having s** with her boyfriend. It wasn't really thinking about my mom, but more about s** in general - I pictured 2 hot people having s** and they provided the soundtrack. Once I hid in the room and actually watched. Watching my mom ride him completely changed the way I look at her. Now I want her to ride me like that.

  • Ewwww. . .the thought of my mother's s** life instantly turns me waaaaayyy off!

  • ^ Funny stuff.

  • ^ Sound advise, I would recommend doin that. I would also recommend this: find out when the boyfriends comin over and right before he gets there jump in the bed and start whackin off. When they walk in say somethin along the lines of, "Hey, I already started. You guys need to catch up." See how that works.

    Rack the Jipper

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