I'm a terrible person

I hate being a mother. I hate my child and mostly ignore him. He doesn't know how to write and I don't care.

Oct 12, 2015

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  • This is just one reason I laugh so loud and hard whenever I hear "you'll never know real love until you have a child of your own." Thank you for adding to the proof that people who say that are willfully ignorant slobs.

  • Go kill yourself you useless excuse for a human being, save your poor child the trouble of having to call your selfish worthless piece of s*** self a mom. Go die!! Swallow bleach and end your s***** ass life, nobody loves you or will care that you die! Your poor child deserves someone so much better than you.

  • You sound nice and emotionally stable yourself. Let me guess, you have 3 kids? 5?

  • Then ya'll wonder why a person turn into a murder. Horrible childhood, unloving and careless parents

  • Omg this is heartbreaking!

  • Parenting is hard. But you are essentially abusing and neglecting your child. He deserves to be loved and nurtured. Your inability to do that is changing who he could be. Do the right thing relinquish your parental rights. See if his father or grandparents are willing to adopt or give him to cps. You are clearly unfit and then you can get your tubes tied and never risk getting pregnant again. And your child can be placed in a loving home and because he's young he won't remember you. That would be the best possible outcome. You should make arrangements this week. He especially deserves better.

  • Do you have postpartum depression? If so, please seek professional help. Or you never bonded with your baby? Mothers sometimes don't bond with a younger child but do as the baby get older. Another option that has been suggested is to let someone else adopt your child. I'm sure you have relatives who are infertile who are looking to adopt. Do what makes you and your child happy. Ignore all the judgmental comments from your parents and relatives. Life's not perfect and we all deal with it the best we can. You both deserve to be happy.

  • This saddened me, being adopted while you know your parents are still alive.

  • Please, look into the adoption process. It's what's best for him and you.

  • F*** you! You shouldn't have s** with a random person without taking any pills. I feel so bad for him, he could of have a better mother

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