shameful Fetish

I am a 23 year old man get really aroused whenI see the soles of a nice womans feet. The wrinkly, soft fragrent skin really gets me going and whenI hear flip flops slapping againts them I get hard autonatically. I m********* fantasising about being wanked of by feet, smelling them and c****** on them then licking it off. Am I dirty or what? lol, Darren.

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  • It's not weird, it's perfectly normal. Enjoy it just don't let it take over your life.

  • LOL That is kinda weird, but certainly not the worst fetish!

  • mmm, your a very h**** young mand arent you, I'd let you do what you like with my feet. x

  • sick

  • I know what you mean darren, cant beat a sexy pair of female feet wrapped round your c***!

  • your discusting i feel sorry for your girlfriend assuming ou can get one.

  • Ya dirty foot fetish perv. Get help!

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