I think I have possibly one of the best fashion tastes in my high school.

I can not afford as much as I'd love to wear, but what I do own, I feel like the kids at my school wouldn't even appreciate what I can wear. So I wear more than them, but not my full potential.
And my friends are okay with jeans and a tshirt, that's far from what I love.
I'm also terrified of what boys would think, since they couldn't understand either.

Where will I wear all of my fabulous clothes, I have no Gossip Girl events!

I really don't mean to sound arrogant.

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  • Wow... I love how people care so much about stylish clothes when there are poor, naked, starving people in third world countries - and even in our own cities - who would greatly benefit from just a fraction of what you'd spend buying useless commodities.

    I hate society.

  • lyk, omg, idk... wht duz ur bff say....

    ... other than S! T! F! U! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • LOL I have been accumulating shoes and clothes since I was 14 (got my first job) and never had anywhere to wear all of my shoes. Now, I am 20 and work in an office and I get to wear my beautiful shoes everyday! And, I save money cause I have no need to buy anything else!

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