sometimes i m********* in my car on the way to work. am i the only one who does this?

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  • I do it all the time. sometimes I take a drive just so I can drop a load.

  • i do it too!!

  • nope. i have a friend who does it every single day. I will NEVER EVER borrow his car, and I dont even like to ride in it

  • LOL YES YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!

  • is it so that ya aren't tempted to bone the fat chick in accounts? - Yordik

  • lol

  • I used to get the urge every day on the way to work, and finally gave in. Now they won't let me ride the bus any more.

  • Well. I've done it in a car, but not on the way to work...

  • No in philly its an epidemic.

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