Parents don't trust me

A few years ago (beginning of sophomore year of high school), my parents saw some text messages between a kid and me in which i ended up buying a vape from him. When they did see these texts, i no longer had the vape, and i told them that but they didnt believe me. To this day ( middle of senior year) they still dont trust me and i dont know why, I have good sat scores and grades and am getting accepted to a lot of universities. Also i havent slipped up since the incident with the vape.
This trust issue has gotten really bad, and its mainly my dad . he always opposes me wanting to hang out with friends, who are all some of the smartest kids at my very competitive school, and if i do hang out with anyone, he always assumes i did drugs or something, and i never do. They always accuse my of smoking in my bathroom and think its from the vape which i got rid of a long long time ago (wtf type of s*** is that smoking in the bathroom). I will wake up with morning breath and he will blame it on drugs, which i never do. If me and my friends want to, for example, just hang out at the park even though its late at night, i have to tell them something else because they just assume people only go outdoors late at night to smoke weed and s***. I say no to hanging out with my friends all the time even though we dont plan on doing anything illegal or bad just because i know my dad will get sketched. It really sucks. I always think about how my life would be different if i hadnt bought that vape. i dont think i am asking too much i am a good kid but they just dont trust me
I know i will be in college in a bout 10 months but i still want their trust so they let me take my car and stuff like that.
What do i do to fix this?
P.s. i dont know if this should be venting of family categorr

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  • Good advice from the other poster. You are lucky that your parents care about your wellbeing, even if it seems like they are going overboard. Like the other post, I'd say to sit down with your parents, tell them they you know you screwed up and that their trust and respect is important to you, and ask them what it would take to earn it back.

  • Yeah I'm a Dad and sometimes we get stupid. We either forget what it was like being a kid or we did things worse than what you did and maybe we knew we couldn't be trusted. I think sometimes as parents we think our kids will do the same things that we did growing up. I would suggest having a talk with your Dad and telling him how you feel, maybe he will surprise you and give you another chance to be trusted.

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