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I have been prostituting for three months. with christmas coming and my job lost because the restaurant where i worked closed, i decided to turn a few tricks and make some money. with the kids in school during the day, i had a lot of time in which to turn a few tricks every week day. i put an ad on an escort directory and with in two days after it was up, i had a dozen calls. i was nervous so i opted out of all of them at first. i called one man back who had left a really nice message and he was my first date. it was really nice. he was kind and funny and treated me like a lady. i did not get off that time but later that same day i had another date and he really wanted to eat my p****, so i let him. i came with him, even though he was wearing a rubber. after that, it was easy to meet the men, take their money and give them a real nice time. i found out that if i tried to give them a good time, i could get really in to it too. i was doing it out of my house at first and men really got off on me being married and a mom. they gave me big tips too. i learned i was selling myself too low and started asking for 200 bucks an hour and i started advertising my status as a married woman. i got even more calls. right now, i work monday to friday, 10am to 3pm. i have at least two clients a day, often 3. what makes this all so cool is that my husband gets turned on by other men having s** with me. he gets really excited and really hard. i really enjoy having s** with most of these guys. a couple have told me that they love me and they give me extra special attention. i don't see anything wrong with what i am doing. i would recommend it to any housewife with time on her hands. we are way ahead on our mortgage and the car is almost paid off. and i have had a lot of fun.

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  • Can I be one of you clients?

  • If you're hubby is on board and the s** is safe, nothing wrong at all ethically. F****** do it lol, it's a paid cuckold fantasy for you and your husband basically if you both get arousal out of it. Win-Win. The only argument against it is that it's illegal and that's moot because you already know it, don't get busted.

  • "I don't see anything wrong with what I am doing"; this is where you nailed it girl. You already know in you conscience that it is wrong! You are simply trying to suppress your conscience and you came here to get "approval from men". How about approval from God your creator?

  • Love that you enjoy it! Go girl! Is it like a drug though?

  • Where can i find you :)

  • Can i meet you

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