I tried telling you that it was 11:11 but you thought I said I love you. Now we both missed another wish, and I am mad at you. It could have been the one that finally came true. How dare you take away my wish. but Iove you back

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i have wished in every sort, i have even tried to pray but every time i do i become ashamed that i only believe in god when i want something, i wish at 11:11 every time i see it
    i wish on shooting stars
    but none of it works

  • There was this one time I was having a cookout for my birthday, and one of the neighbor's kids gives me a birthday card she made. I open it, and it has a little pack of glitter, she gets her mom to write in it and it says "Sprinkle the glitter and your wish will come true."
    So I sprinkle the glitter, and wish for a new car, out loud so it looks cute. The car didn't magically appear, like I wanted it to, so I crumple the card up, throw it in the kids face, and I say "WOW your magic sucks!" lmao The mom and dad call me insensitive, I pick up the card, say "I'm sorry, this card is great!" Then I drop it on the grill! LOL you should've seen it. The mom and dad are yelling at me, one of my friends is spitting her beer out.....
    Its nice you love them too.

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