I really wannna like blackmail someone into s** or like rape but i dont want them to get hurt and me get in trouble i wanna ask the people i have s** with but im too embarrised and im usualy really compfidant.

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  • How is one "embarrised" or "compfidant"? Google doesn't do Waterhead to English, so it's on you.

  • It's scary as h*** but once you get that hold over someone the power trip is amazing. Mind you having s** with some girl who is crying is really off putting.

  • Need the right situation. One of my business friends works alone in her office, is well-respected, and a gorgeous, blonde, German woman. Gets hit on all the time and turns everyone down. I always thought it was because she's married with 2 kids, but, the real reason is...She privately uses some of her temp workers to have s** for pay from whomever hits on her. She's basically a Madam.

    I found out about it some time ago, and, dropping by her office, gave her our usual hello hug, including a tight grab of her ass. We get along well, but, I'd never been that forward with her. She wasn't happy, but let it go. We broke embrace, and, I took her by the waist, pushing her shirt up above her tummy. She was angry, and asked what the h*** I was doing, was I trying to rape her. Told her no, but, we DID need to have s**, because of "what I knew".

    So, I laid it all out for her..Knowing about her using the temp girls as her prostitutes, and taking her own cut. It wasn't that she hated guys always hitting on her; Just that, why should they get what they want for free? I really had her worried and ready to deal.

    She agreed to locking the office door, and letting me fk her on the couch. Did her twice, and, now that I still have this over her, may go back.

  • I want to be raped

  • Lets try ;)

  • Mmmmmmm soooo filthy

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