what to do..?

i've been in a relationship for a few years and i love my boyfriend dearly. however, there's this guy i met online in a game, and i'm really crushing h****** him. we've exchanged pics that got slightly racy but not too bad... but now i've sealed myself into this contract to go meet him and our other friend in a couple of months. first of all i'm a bit scared for my safety, of course, but i'm more scared of what i'm capable of doing if i fall into the "what happens here, stays here" mindset. i've gotten away with a lot of s*** in the past (with other people) and my mind keeps contemplating the idea.

worse, i don't even think i would try to stop it if i could.

i'm obviously feeling like a terrible girlfriend.

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  • Well, just don't expect the online friendship to just pick up. Its easier to type your feelings when no one is there. You let your mind flow freely, but in real life you might take longer to compose your thoughts which can make you look shy or something. This new friend might be just as scared and as unsure as you. It could be a no-show from him too.

    At least if you two groove, why not have another friend. Just really examine why you are crushing. It could all end in seconds once you see him.

  • uhmm i think this is pretty obvious of what to do...
    dont go!

    unless u like getting raped by internet stalkers or somehting...

    i'm even sure why your asking this.

  • No wonder you feel like a terrible girlfriend, you are ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • well if your feeling like a terrible girlfriend, fix it now. you cant take back the stuff youve done in your past but if you care about your boyfriend at all, stop it now, and if you cant end it.

  • just dont go...simple.

  • ^ sounds like your daddy!

  • that guy is probably a 57 year old 300 pound pedophile who jacked off with strawberry jelly to your slightly racy pics.

  • duh?

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