birthday present

everyone is asking me what do i want for bday

A D****

thank you.

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  • Don't try a cucumber. :) Ask for a lightsaber of some sort and use the blade part of it. Best thing is that you don't need to hide it. Just make sure that you've watched at least one of the star wars movies to prevent auspiciousness.

  • Get an electric toothbrush and a soft brush head.
    Works very well.

  • LOL!!!!

  • That's an awesome secret! If you can, buy one. If you're underage, find something that could resemble one or get someone to buy one for you! I'd love one and a vibrator, but I'm only 16!

  • how about some of dez nuts insted?

  • finding a place to hide it is also pain in the a***!

  • ^use inanimate objects

  • i'm sure everyone here would love a s** toy for their b-day. haha.

    i'd love to get myself a vibrator but i'm underage and sadly can't purchase one. :(

  • this is one of the best secrets! (:

  • I have one for you but you'll have to pick it up in person.

    double ribbed for your pleasure.


  • buy one!

  • Eleanor .. ??

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