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Ok, do I have been a teacher for a couple of years now and I really enjoy my job. I'm having a few problems with some of my senior female pupils who continually make sexual references, and I am sure they sit at the front of the class on purpose flashing me their panties which is terribly distracting. My confession is that I also find it a massive turn on. Everyday I go home and m********* while thinking about what particular girl gave me the horn today and how I'd like to f*** them. Do any female pupils on here fantasise about their teachers....?

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  • Haha, absolutely. I was dating my former teacher, it wasn't a turn on thing, we just happened to fall in love. However, I definitely have a kink for older men, that's all I'll date/sleep with. I just recently helped out at prom because my old teacher was chaperoning and we ended up having s** in a janitor's closet. (I'm out of school)

  • Oh yes, I fantasise about my physics teacher all the time. He is so hot, smart and funny. He's very professional though, and I know he'd never make a move, even if I wanted him to. I do catch him talking to my b**** though, I have to say I love it when he does that. Just stick it out, remember you're the responsible adult here! It'll be hard at first, but you'll get past this phase eventually. Don't do anything you'll regret. But just remember, you're not the only one out there who feels this way, and there is nothing wrong with feeling the way you do x
    19 year old student

  • I dated one of my students a few years ago, but I waited until after she was out of my class before making love with her. I wanted her the whole year she was in my class, and she knew it, and she played with me because of it (she was the cat, I was the mouse), and tormented me. But we waited to date until she had moved up a grade. And let me just tell you: the s** was PHENOMENAL! Damn, that girl was the best thing I ever had!

  • Be careful that you don't take these fantasies too far. Yes every student has fantasied about some teacher or other. I used to fantasize about s******* the gym and music teachers in high school.

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