My first ever sexual experience

When I was 15 I had my first sexual experience it was valentines day and I had received my first ever card it was from a girl in the year below I was flattered but a couple of days later my phone pinged it was a fb message from her saying she really liked me I let her down slowly and went to a friends party. Later on that night i saw her walk through the door and made my way upstairs to try and avoid her I hid in my friends spare room and two minutes later she walks in and asks what I am doing I just replied with I needed some space so I spoke to her ad she said that we used to watch me in assembly I was creeper but then outta nowhere she kissed me I asked her what the f*** she was doing and she kissed me again and touched my crotch and undid my zipper and played with it a little then she said a sentence I will never forget 'I want you to f*** me' I did I went b**** deep in her and eventually cummed inside her the next few days I was regreting it but she said she wanted a serious relationship but I said I couldn't because of some exams she brought it and I haven't spoken to her since

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  • Enjoy that lovely tight underage p****

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