Changing Myself

After this school year ends, Im going to all lengths to become a s***. Im done being called "prude" by so many guys.

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  • You're an idiot. And nearly all of the people commenting beneath me are also idiots. Little b**** boys who moan and complain about girls who don't sleep with them are simply that, little b******. There is no damn thing wrong with being a prude. Even that word is imbecilic. It's called PURE, not f****** gross and nasty and filthy like so many damn rotten worthless manwh0res running around today. There needs to be some major castration going on in today's f***** up world. Ignore those pieces of s***, and save your virginity for marriage.

  • I advise you only have s** if you want the pleasure of s** and not because you want to "prove" yourself. A guy will call you a prude if you dont sleep with them as fast as the p*****. A guy will call you a s*** if you've fooled around with anyone thats not them. Its a very immature mentality that most guys wont grow out of until the start thinking like adults. And that is rare for boys in high school.

  • Do whatever makes you happy, and ignore everyone else talking about what a label - s*** or prude - means.

  • This won't make her happy. Maybe it will give her short-term gratification, but afterwards she will begin to feel gross, used, and ashamed.

  • Consider whether changing is worth risking your dignity, reputation or health?

  • If you decide to be different, consider whether it will be worth your dignity, reputation or health?

  • I'm a prude as well and id rather be called by that.

  • Wouldn't you rather be called a prude than a s***? Wouldn't you rather have boundaries than be used and disrespected on a daily basis? You'll get hurt. It will take a long time for you to empower yourself afterwards... take it from someone who knows. It isn't worth it.

  • Don't do it. We use s****, but don't respect them

  • Why would you change your morals to accommodate people who have none?

    Respect yourself and dont catch a disease

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