Addiction To Chocolate

I'm a white female in my early 20's and I love bald headed, dark-skinned, built black men with tattoos!!!! I also love calling them the "N" word while we have s**, it's so hot and I get so wet when I say it. They seem to like it too. The contrast, the muscular bodies along with the assertive dominance as an alpha male, OMG nothing in the world compares. White guys can't do anything for me. One day I'm going to have a bi-racial baby, they are so beautiful.

That's all

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  • Your the reason white guys love watching a white girl get f***** hard by big black c****......
    Good girl.....

  • Have you ever thought about the child or just yourself?

  • What is wrong with you? You might need to think about your own children. Nothing wrong with mixed babies. And yes they are beautiful op.

  • That wasn't the question, idiot. I was wondering if OP cared about anything besides squirting out a bi-racial baby just for the "experience" or whatever. It happens all the time, and then people "discover" that the baby stops being a baby and starts becoming a person. Like so many fools, OP just wants to "make a baby." She's not thinking about the next 18 years, let alone the person that baby will become. No, there is nothing wrong with mixed babies, but there is something wrong with making a kid for your own selfish reasons. So simmer down with the virtue signaling.

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