I love want you do to me Mrs Hayworth

Oh ! Mrs Hayworth.My God you are so brutal and rough to me in your bed.Your ex (whereever he is and dont care)does not know want he is missing.
Mrs Hayworth I love us preforming 69s but its hard to breath with the space between your legs in my face but I can live with it.My God,I spread my legs so wide apart so you can get a vice grip on my erected p****.I feel a sharp pain as if you trying to yank it out of its socket.I have no bowel control as you suck my bladder dry and at the same time my b**** .You thrust your tongue into my mouth and thrash it around in my mouth.
If only everyone could see us both at it live on the net please

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  • If Mrs Hayworth want to drink my pee thats her business..I will undress,lay on my back naked and open my legs for her so she can suck my erected p****

  • What has been seen, can't be unseen. Only something worse than the seen makes the first seen seem tame. Oh internet, what have you done to us?

  • Umm, dude, I don't want to see you with no bowel control.

  • LOL LOL SHe drinks your pee? Gross!

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