a couple of times a week I j******* on cam for anyone who will watch. Girls generally don't watch, so it's mostly guys, but i don't care. they're totally l****** after me and jacking it, while i'm jacking it watching girls diddle themselves. everyone's happy.
Camfrog... since you ask. you're welcome.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • hey, me too... it's fun!

  • If i had to guess, and remember i'm only guessing... i think he's jacked off before. ;)

  • I'm a chick and love watching my man j******* on his web-cam. He is so natural with it I wonder if he's done it before.

  • You're a sick puppy with gay tendencies-admit that loser!

  • ^This is not a f****** advertising site!

  • www.camfrog.com

  • Safest orgy ever!

    But remember, once its put on the internet, its on there forever. At least you'll be washed away by the other 100,000 webcams doing the same thing.

    So where do you start? Yahoo? Stickam?

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