I Love my cousin

I'm a 18 year old male and I love my Cousin, she is 28. She is kind, beautiful and smart. She is so sexy she's just my type short, small b**** (c cup)and a cute ass). I wanna F*** her so Bad! I've wanted to F*** since I knew what s** was. I fantazise about her all the time, I'm jerking off and fantasizing about her as I write this post. How Do I Make Her F*** Me? How do I approach her and convince her? I'm a virgin and I want her to be my first. I want to feel her and see her naked the most I've done is grab her ass when she had only underwear on and I wanted to grab her b**** but that was too straighfoward and risky. She only slept at my house once and back then I didn't know about anything so I didn't peek or touch her while she slept and I doubt shell stay again. Every time I go to her house she's never asleep on in the bathroom so I can't do anything but what I have done is when she's not around I get her used panties or bras and j******* to them to the sweet scent of her bodie. I know some may find it sick but I REALLY WANT TO HAVE S** WITH MY COUSIN.

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  • I wanna chat with you . connect with me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com
    <3 <3 <3

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