watching my wife

I've had this fantasy for a long time to watch my wife have s** with another man. i day dream about her f****** a guy with a big c***. watching her f***,suck and stroke a big c***. i even would like to watch her f*** two or more at the same time. i;ve tried to get this out of my head but cant. i told her once during s** what i was fantasizing about, she got kind of mad about it. i told her i was just talking to get her hot. i had a three sum with my friend and his wife along time ago and he got real excited watching her f*** me. also i'm not that big about 51/2 inches so i've always thought she would want a big c*** to get her off. its always on my mind when we f*** and i always get videos of girls getting g********* for her to watch. i don't know how to forget about this. or why i want to see this so much.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I wanted to watch my wife having s** for years, finally I got up the courage to ask her.
    She reached down and rubbed my d***, and grinned, telling me she would be happy to.
    So, sure enough, she brought home some guy from the place she works, and seemed to easy and relaxed with him I suspect she has been doing it for a long time.
    I have to admit, the guy sure knows how to bat.

  • My wife and I have been there and in our case the reality was, and still is, better than the fantasy. For all of the various things going on these days, there is still some huge taboo against men confessing this scenario. We live in a society that almost endorses cheating as an acceptable thing, yet take away the deciet and people act shocked.

  • Agreed

  • I have the same fetish. maybe we should swap

  • Be careful, AIDS Syphllis, Hepatites, herpes, the clap and so on.

  • You can test for all of this besides terrain is the truth.

  • i would love to f*** our wife in front of you. my dickk is over nine inches and we both share the same fantasy. is me being Black an issue? I can give you my e mail address and u can watch as your wife c*** all over my d***

  • Would love to see my wife with you and she would c** all over your d*** I know that a black man is what she wants,the instant you put your d*** in her that pretty little p**** of hers it will belong to you. She will be yours anytime you want

  • hahahahaha. to jealous b****:
    If that's the most bizarre fantasy you've ever heard then you've been living under a rock. The fact that you have internet access and have never heard of this is beyond me. You need to google: 2 girls 1 cup.
    To the poster: this is quite normal. and we understand that you brought it up with her in the hope that she'd also want to do it. The more she thinks about it, the more likely she is to want to try it. good luck.

  • I would love to get used and f***** and came on by at least 4 different guys.

  • Well i didnt tell all of the story. i didnt start thinking about it until in one of her fantasy confessions that she wanted to be with two guys but never did it. shes got such a hot body it turns me on watching her, so i just started thinking about it alot. she still looks like shes in her twentys. and i always catch guys checking her out. weird i know. i think the threesum i had also plays a role in it.

  • ^ ^ ^ W**** ^ ^ ^ ^

    Anyways, I think that is the weirdest fantasy I have ever heard, and I am not exagerating, the WEIRDEST!!!!!!!! I am a woman, and if my husband asked me to do that, I would feel disrespected, underappreciated, and frankly grossed out. I am a jealous b****, so obviously the "partner swapping" thing is not for me. I would feel like my husband just wanted to use me for some live action p*** show, and would feel like he was treating me like a f***-hole.

  • He might just simply have a fantasy. Feels close enough too you(his wife) to express it. Besides, this crazy mixed up place we live, shouldn’t have so many boundaries. Slavery, s** trafficking, people starving, etc.

  • Just messing

  • my hubby likes to same thing :P
    i f***** his bother so he could watch

  • tou dont a man

  • Your a man w****!

  • leave your wife alone.
    If she wanted to,
    she would have picked up on it.
    And you should be ashamed that you slept with
    our friends wife.
    That's not cool.

  • He said it was a long time ago. Wow touchy touchy

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