Thank you Mrs Hayworth

I love you sucking my p**** and I love you breast feeding me

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ ^ ^Seriously, WTF????

  • I am not disturbed,we are two consenting adults who like to act on our fetishes.
    If I need to post this a few times is that there are other people who do engage in these types of activity.
    You think I am disturbed thats your opinion just out of curosity would you loan $122.8 Billion to AIG(thats taxpayer dolllars)I know I wouldnt because some of my friends lost their jobs.I went in and helped them out.Now they have jobs.Not bad if I say so myself pretty b***** good.
    I think I say is you have to be disturbed to loan ALG $122.8 billion while people are losing their jobs.Most of that will been going into golden parachutes for the fatcats of Wall St.
    Now you will to excuse me Mrs Hayworth and I have had quite a day working we are going to bed now

  • Man, you are seriously disturbed, not for s******* a woman old enough to be your mother, your "baby" fetish, or even your taste for old crusty breast milk, but because you feel the need to post about it FIVE TIMES A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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