Am i sick?


i am female 19yo and i will confess, i really really get off and enjoy when a man p***** on me, actaul urinates on me, watched it on p*** for a few months, joined some weird kinky s** dating site and now i have met up with totel strangers and actaully had then p*** on me

Jun 13, 2016

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  • What site is this??

  • No your not sick it just what your into. Its very hard to find a women that will let you p** on her. I know I have tried over and over. I have perhaps slept with 35/40 women and only have found two willing to let me p** on them. I really should have worked harder on building a relationship with them as I enjoyed giving them an golden shower.

    Good luck and your not weird.

  • How many men have you had p*** on you? and how many times? how old were they?

  • I have dine it three seperate times now, first with one guy in the bath, second was him and a friend on his bed after they had both f***** me, the third was the same two guys but they p***** on me and then f***** me

  • I would love to p*** inside you. F*** your tight c***, c** then flood your p**** with my p***. Same goes for your ass x

  • I'd like a woman to p*** all over me, especially my face and d***

  • Id love to do some mutual peeing

  • Which part of your body you like to be pee on?

  • My face and my b****

  • I'd love to p*** all over your face and in your mouth

  • Me to

  • Sounds like fun

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