Just cant say no... i envy thos who can

On the inside i am a good kid, but i just cant say no to my friends thats why i drink smoke pot and party........im just trying to fit in and i dont no how to without doing what they expect me to do i envy the perfect 4.0 students who dont have to worry about makeing these decisions its not hurting me but my mom who cried when she found put i sold pot.

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  • Wow. Don't listen to these guys but the one above me and the one up top.
    I was a kid who did drugs and drank yet still kept my grades up. I was in AP classes. My friend were the ones who wore the big baggy clothes and we went to parties, you just have to try a little harder. If I can do it, I know you can.
    And I don't think I saw you write anything about being big, but if you are then it is okay. You will still find the one, maybe not right now. But don't let that or anything eles get you down.


  • OMG! Stfu! I would rather have friends that did not do drugs. . .more for me s***!

  • Pseudo pious? you're just p***** because your too f****** ugly to get a decent girl. Start sucking c*** f*****, because man meat is all your going to get in this life. Fat ass.

  • See these two f***** above me knocking the helpful post? Perfect example of life's a*******. Just break their f****** jaws and see how much they want to talk when it's being wired shut.

  • ^^^ lol nice body, right, round is a nice shape for a ball, not for a body.

  • ^ Oh shut the f*** up, you pseudo pious piece of s***! Look guy this 'Oh I'll find one girl who will solve all my problems and we'll skip through the flowers together' thats just bullshit.
    Suck it up, take the punches life throws at you, and grow a backbone! If you can't then just be a good little lackey and shut the h*** up!

  • Oh, and if you're one of those kids that wears baggy cloths and stuff because it's the trend. Get a haircut, lose the hat, wear some clothes that fit and makre sure they're decent - and treat women with respect, they're not things you abuse at parties, even if they want it. Some girls just don't have any respect for themselves.

  • A good kid with no self confidence is a scape goat and mental slave with no future. Take it from me, in the end friends are worthless, especially if they're not the right kind. One day you'll find a good girl and that's all you're going to need. Yeah, nobody said it's easy but every dog has his day, I certainly have had mine.

    But the first priority of yours is to drop these goofy ass friends of yours on their head. They're just as weak minded and timid as you. Get some self confidence, some morals and straighten your life out, and take care of your mom and do right by her because when your ass is all alone she's the only person going to be there for you. You're friends are USELESS.

    How do you do that? Take up a hobby. I took up Martial arts and working out. Now I've got a body and a knock out punch and still working my way to the top. I study the bible on sunday's and talk to my girl at night until I fall asleep. Life still tries to kick me in the nuts, but hey at least I know how to block a kick, both a metaphorical one from life and a real one from the idiots who are stuck in it with me.

    It's never going to come easy. Some people get everything on a silver platter but for those of us who don't, the only remedy is to get up every morning and just focus on bettering ourselves, forget the rest of the people in it who aren't important.

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