To The Boy Who Sits Behind Me

To the boy who sits behind me in my Economics Class:
Everyday I walk to class, I get excited to see you. You're so freakin' hot, I can't even describe it. You probably don't know my name, but I made an effort to know your name. I know it sounds creepy, but I'm crazily infatuated by you. I would confess my undying love to you but I'm more than convinced you don't like other boys...and it makes me sad.

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  • Write a little note and ask him for a cup of coffee.

  • That makes me sad too. You'll find someone that likes you and who you like back, don't worry about it. :D Until then, good luck!

  • i'm sad for you :(
    i know how you feel, i had this huge crush on my best girl friend for the longest time, but she's straight, and she's flirty with EVERYONE. it sucked.

  • Hey, ya never know.... offer him a b*******.

  • Awww, that is sad! We all want what we can't have.

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