Hearts boxers (only girls comment here)

What would you do if a looses his pants in front of you and is wearing Hearts boxers?? That happened to me, my friends teased me so hard for it. They were the kind of ultra popular girls, so they all laughed pretty hard and one of them depantsed me some time thereafter.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I would of pulled them off and showed everybody your micro p****

  • who cares!!!

  • You must be pretty young. This is stupid.

  • personaly i would of made a comment to him and loughed and made a joke about it....but who cares there only going to come of anyway! and why did you tell your friends anyway! its your privert life...and by doing so you probly lost the guy!

  • I dislike boxers and prefer briefs, but I own both. I've always like the support.

  • who cares? just be glad they were boxes and not whitey-tighties, okay? boxers, no matter what they look like, are f****** sexyy. lol

  • i'd think they were cute if i were in that situation :)

  • Hearts boxers are only acceptable if you (the girl) gave them to him as a gift.

  • I'm a guy just wanting to say shut the f*** up!
    only girls comment here? Do you know what website you're on?

  • I wouldn't care... actually, I'd think that it was kind of cute. Your friends are b****** if they laughed at you.

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