Im 30 years old and have only ever had

Im 30 years old and have only ever had s** with the same girl. I love her heaps and would hate to ever hurt her but i so often want to have s** with at least one other girl. There are girls who have wanted to but ive always said no. If she never found would it be ok?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • is s** with some random girl really worth losing your love over? Cuz u sound like the type of person that the guilt would really eat at you......

  • don't hurt the wonderful relationship that you are in. even if she never found out, i promise it would change everything!! DON'T DO IT!! be true to yourself and the one you love!!

  • Don't do it; it might seem like a good idea sometimes, but you will always regret it, I promise.

  • Well said #5. As nice as it would be the truth is im happy with what ive got. Anything that may damage this is just not going to happen. At least ive got all these peoples storys lol

  • it wouldnt be ok...but its up to what you can live with. anyways. i wouldnt do it if i were you. i have only had s** with one guy and its great, but i still sometimes think it would be nice to have s** with another guy. then i realize what i got it great and thats all that matters.

  • i wouldnt live life not knowing what else is out there. do it before its too late, if she found out im sure she will forgive you!

  • Just smell it a little

  • juss do it once but dont tell then ur needs would be fulfilled


  • Dont throw away something special for a peice of trash.Value being able to look her honestly in the eye and say "I love you"

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