High heel fetish

I get so turned on by woman wearing pointy high heels. I can't help but stare at their arched feet, usually with eith toe cleavage or sole cleavage. I get boners just seeing a woman walking in the street in high heels. Business women in black pointy stilletoes just drives me wild!!! My boss wears them and I just hope one day she'll realise my addiction and tease me. I stare under the desk, I want to take photos, I want to crawl under and lick her feet before wanking over them and covering them in hot c**.

I desperately long for a mistress to dominate me with this fetish.

I've c** so many times just staring at this pic:

Anyone else feel the same or are there any ladies who want to femdom a hapless heel obsessed w*****?


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  • I do love a nice set of shoes on a great looking set of legs on a gorgeous girl. Those shoes look too painful to wear, and too pointy

  • I love how pointy they are! Good if they're in pain, women will take their pain out on me!

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