High heel fetish

I get so turned on by woman wearing pointy high heels. I can't help but stare at their arched feet, usually with eith toe cleavage or sole cleavage. I get boners just seeing a woman walking in the street in high heels. Business women in black pointy stilletoes just drives me wild!!! My boss wears them and I just hope one day she'll realise my addiction and tease me. I stare under the desk, I want to take photos, I want to crawl under and lick her feet before wanking over them and covering them in hot c**.

I desperately long for a mistress to dominate me with this fetish.

I've c** so many times just staring at this pic:

Anyone else feel the same or are there any ladies who want to femdom a hapless heel obsessed w*****?

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  • I totally understand, same thing happens with me as soon as I see their milky navel...I really want to f*** my company's HR

  • When I was young I used to wear my mom's high heels and boots as I play with myself. Now I wear my wife's platform heels and knee high boots when I'm alone. The feeling of stilettos, platform heels and knee high leather boots drive me crazy and I sometimes jeck off more than 5 times a day while wearing heels.

  • A little update, my boss and I hooked up a little while ago and I told her about my fetish. She now sends me pics and watches my reaction. Then she knows and loves that I quickly leave my desk to have a w***. Sometimes she emails me too, something like look down or that I dropped something. I look under the desk and she is usually dangling her heels, she loves to tease.

  • I to have this problem after staring at a woman in sexy heel I have to find a place to j*** off to the point I think I'm going to pull my d*** off.But can't wait until the next time seeing another woman with sexy heels to do it again.Have always wanted to ask to lick them but am to afraid.

  • I love playing footsie with women in sexy shoes. I just try to tap them with my shoe. Sometimes they make me miss! This drives me mad. Anybody else have this urge?

  • I prefer when the stroke their heel up my leg. One woman put her heel right up to my crotch and gave it a little jab. She quickly retreated As her boyfriend came back from the restroom!

  • Short skirts, high heels & tights. So so sexy.

  • Yes yes yes!

  • Hot older sister wears these all the time, especially with short business skirts. When she first started teaching, she'd look so sexy and teasing in the high, pointed heels and short skirts that one of the administrators (female) had to tell her to stop. Besides driving the hs boys crazy, many of the male teachers and substitutes were so sidetracked watching her, they weren't doing their jobs. Just focused on her long legs in hose, short skirt, and high, pointy heels..I remember it all well..

  • Sounds hot!

  • I do love a nice set of shoes on a great looking set of legs on a gorgeous girl. Those shoes look too painful to wear, and too pointy

  • I love how pointy they are! Good if they're in pain, women will take their pain out on me!

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