Sucking C*&k

I'm Gary and I want to suck on a nice C*&k and let the guy finish in my mouth!

Dec 6, 2016

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  • So have you told your wife I'm going to f*** both of you. I will f*** her hard as you watch me stretch her c***, the you will lick her c*** as I f*** your a***. Then we will watch you w*** and lick your own s**** off your hand, then spank you sissy a*** and f*** you again, then I will get your wife to p*** in your sissy mouth, put a collar and lead on you and treat you like a pet dog

  • I read this yesterday and read it to my wife as she was using one of her big d*****. She came so hard! She made me lick her p**** after and then put the d**** in my a***. She said she wants to feel a real man stretch her slutty c*** out, she hasn't been stretched by a d*** in over 10yrs (we've been married for 15??!!) she said she wants to have my d*** locked up, you'll unlock me and then I'll w*** myself and eat my c** like a good s***. She said spamming isn't enough, she'll use her whip and you can rape my arsehole while has her thighs locked around my head. She said she wants to be f***** again so when she p***** it's all cummy too. She said if I'm going to be the pet dog, maybe next door's dog will f*** me!!! That's maybe too far for me!

  • You can suck my d*** and gag hard when I c** in your mouth?

  • I'm 60 with a fat 8in c***

  • I would LOVE to suck on your eight incher!

  • Sounds tasty... wanna f*** me ass while I stroke my 5 inch c***?

  • I'd love my old fat c*** in your young b**** a***, hope you like it rough

  • I've never taken a c*** in my ass, just my wife's d****. So you'all be taking my virginity too? You better be rough, I'll be your little f** just there to please you and make you c**

  • How do I contact you you little b****, I have just wanked my fat c*** thinking of f****** you

  • Tell me more first, I need to know more what you're about. I meet you at a hotel, I knock on the door, you let me in, what happens next? Ps, I didn't come to chat ;)

  • I would let you in and you would strip, I would be fully clothed as you stand naked. I would bend you. Over the bed and f*** you up the a***, then stick my spunky c*** in your mouth. I would spank your sissy a***. Then get naked and you would lick my a*** before I f*** you again

  • I'm wanking off to this! I'm just a sissy w**** to you aren't I? When I strip, my little d*** will be so hard. I'll assume position for you and spread my ass wide, you might struggle fitting your big c*** in my a***, you better ram it in hard. F*** me master! C** in my virgin arsehole! As soon as you've finished, pull out and grab me by my hair and force your d*** in my mouth. I'll suck you good cleaning your c** and my a*** juices. I would lick your b****, sucking them before working my way to your arsehole and lick you out whilst stroking your fat c***. Then I'll get on my back, legs in the air and let you f*** me again while my little c*** fizzes, then pull out and c** all over my face! Do you like? Tell me more master fat c***!

  • My fat c*** will hurt you tight a***, I will force into you, with one trust. Enjoying your pain, you sissy c*** will bounce as I f*** you and yes you will sucking my spunky c***. I also want to f*** your wife as you watch me give her a real c***

  • Oh that's hot! I know my wife needs a big d***. She has no idea I'm a sissy though. So you could meet her in bar, go to a hotel and f*** her like she desperately needs. I'll secretly watch and then when you've c**, I'll let her see me. First I'll eat her p****, then I'll suck your big fat d*** clean. I'll get on all fours so my wife can watch me take your big d*** in my arsehole. I'll be on so much pain until you c** again then I'll suck your d*** again and the squat over a glass and let your c** drip out. Then I'll drink it all!
    You can come round our house, f*** my wife and stay in our bed. I'll be in the spare room where you come and f*** me. At breakfast, you sit opposite my wife, I'll be under the table sucking your d***. Watch sports in my chair, drinking my beer as I suck your d*** and lick your arsehole.

  • When and where?

  • Yes I do you sissy b****

  • You can both f*** me? Spitroast me. Fill my ass and mouth with c**!

  • When and where

  • Anywhere. My ass and mouth are currently wide open...

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