I want a divorce. My marriage offers me nothing. My wife had an affair and got pregnant while going through the immigration process. I hate being a step parent to my wife's mistake. I hate it.

The wife has made no attempt to better herself in 7 years being here, constant nags me about seeing other people, world sucky hours for s*** pay and expects me to do everything.

She didn't even get me anything for Valentine's day. I deserve better than this.

Feb 21, 2017

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  • Ditch this c***! Nothing else to say!

  • Whatever you do, DO NOT have unprotected s** with this trash. If you knock her up, you'll be bound to her for life and won't ever be able to get away from her sorry ass. Dump her quick, and no bareback at all. NONE!

  • She's a nasty b**** w****, and she deserves whats about to happen to her and her b****** child. Knock em out.

  • She deserves nothing , baby too.Find out who daddy is and dump them both

  • Make her want to leave, and then allow it.

  • I feel you bro. My wife is the epitome of the word b****. Literally everything I do is somehow wrong or my fault. Marriage sucks

  • Me too. thats why i come here as a distraction.

  • Not every marriage is the same. I treat my partner with respect and vise versa. We're happy.

    I feel for you, as yours appears to be laced with negativity.

    Why don't you divorce her?

  • ^tranny^

  • Tranny fister

  • Go see your attorney and file for D.. I did. Ex wife was a rabid, raging alcoholic, completely selfish and irresponsible, and flat-out liar. Textbook alcoholic: blamed everyone else, including me, for problems, and never, to this fkg day, took responsibility for her own actions. Was I a saint? After awhile..No. However, after dealing with her disappearing acts and twice staying at a hotel because she was too drunk to drive (as well as two other occasions where local bars called me to go pick her up), I told myself..Fk this..Time for me to have some fun.

    We had a trip planned for our anniversary, and, didn't go. Worst part about it wasn't the money I lost, but, how easy it was to look at each other, briefly, and say "We're not going, right?" regarding the trip.

    Life is short, man..Too short to be taken advantage of. H***, my first post-divorce/her moving out date was four days before she moved out. Took a beautiful, professional woman to dinner, then drinks at a high-end place, and was actually happy for a night. Was good to be wanted, and treated like a man.

    File for divorce, and go live your life.

  • Lots of men would LOVE to have a woman with such a strong will and such a brazen focus on her sexuality and sensuality. You would do well to think of yourself as incredibly fortunate. Yes, it's all about her. It should be.

  • Lol it's not her strength of will that's questionable, it's her lack of; respect, loyalty, ambition and morals!

  • No offense, cuck, but I think it's funny that she cheated on you, had his kid which you've kept around 7 years, but you draw the line when you get no Valentines gift.

  • I know, right lol

  • I feel for you and believe you should leave her.

    However remember, the child is innocent in this situation. Yes, the child isn't yours, but do they know that? Do you not love the child, as you'd love your own or are you mistreating the child because of your wife's infidelity? If that's the case, remember, the child is INNOCENT and not at fault, your wife is the guilty one!

  • Uhhh, you do know this is a female strategy probably older than recorded history, right? A woman can be as foul and nasty as any man, but all she has to do is get knocked up and bam, instant "get out of jail free card" no matter how low a life form she is. Suddenly it's all about the innocent child that has been dragged into this situation for this exact purpose, and will work as long as the crotch cricket stays small and cute.

    And this mean, selfish strategy works time and time again and always will, because men can't keep their d**** out of nasty or crazy if it jiggles its titts at them.

  • Christ almighty what a w**** she is. Dump the b****. Teach her a f****** lesson.

  • What do you think, the term w**** actually means? I'm being serious and not offensive in any way, so please show the same courtesy, if you decide to reply to my question in a serious manner.

  • What do you think the term "a******" means? Go look I the f****** mirror. And by the way........you didn't ask a question, you a******.

  • You must be blind as well as stupid, if you didn't realise there's a question in that comment!

  • Putting a question mark at the end of a declarative sentence doesn't convert it into a question?

  • "What do you think the term w**** - actually means?" It's not rhetorical, I'm asking a question. The term "w****" is a job title for individuals, who receive an income for selling sexual solicitation services, to individuals.

    Some people use this term in a derogatory manner, to express how they feel about a person etc. Which is fair enough, but is it the accurate use for it?

  • In your opinion it doesn't, which is fair enough. Each to their own opinion and perspective.

    However, it was an intended question and was conveyed as one. It's not my concern if the commentator - didn't and doesn't, perceive it as a question - It's the commentator's concern alone and not mine :)

    I can only convey and account for my own not those of others. However, I can and do make observations, in regards to what other people state etc.

  • Lol you seem like a very intellectual, articulate and well mannered person! Bless you! FYI, you still didn't answer the question

  • The illegitimate child is proof of her adultery. There's no defense to that. If you want her gone, she's gone. Gone, at least from the marriage, but also perhaps gone from the country, if a divorce ends her immigration status under the new Trumpian rules. Put her s*** in the yard. Change the locks. Wave goodbye.

  • Where are you from and immigrating too? I am 34 year old Asian Dr. tight petite figure large breasted and long dark hair and would love to help you get revenge on that Cheating wh-ore

  • Get out of it. I would've been out after I found out she was pregnant with someone else's child

  • You do deserve better, I agree.
    So leave, what's stopping you?!

  • Get rid of the b****.

  • ^I agree^.

  • Ditto. She's a w**** and she doesn't deserve a better treatment.

  • A w**** sleeps with many people for money and it's one of the oldest professions in the world. So stating she is one isn't accurate. And the term w****, isn't an insult in my opinion.

    This woman isn't actually a w**** - because she appeared to cheat once and became pregnant as a result of her infidelity.

    She's just a "disloyal person and cheater"
    But not a w****.

  • Shes a w**** for expecting him to do everything while she gets a free ride you f***** people want chivalry and equality, sorry it doesnt work that way.

  • My comment was regarding the inaccurate term used for her. She's not a w****, but a disloyal cheater. Yes, she cheated on her man and had a child for someone else, that's factual! I wasn't condoning what she did, she cheated and conceived a child from another man, it's wrong and diabolical! I don't; deny, condone and question that!

    My point is; The term w**** is a job title for those that get paid to partake solicitation employment and get paid for that exchange of services. Obviously, some individuals misuse that term and use it to be derogatory towards individuals who are disloyal cheaters, and those that are players and so forth.

    I was clearly being accurate and concise about the terminology used towards this woman. I would only seem her a w**** if that's her profession and if she gets paid to sleep around. But as the OP doesn't state that, she's not a w****.

    I'm entitled to convey my own opinion, like everyone else is, it's a human right to do so.
    I respect the right for everyone to do that and understand not everyone is going to agree with my opinion, that's life and it's healthy. But no one should become defensive and offensive to anyone, if they don't agree with your opinion. I'm not conveying you're, but some individuals do.

    You stand by your comment and that's great. I stand by mine. I don't agree with yours and you don't agree with mine, fair enough. No harm, no foul :-)

  • ^YESSS!^

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