to all women on this site............

You are beautiful, and are deserving to be treated like the angels you are....But, with that, I confess that the most sexy thing about your bodies is your feet....I love female feet to no end....especially those that are painted toes.......I get really turned on when I see painted most women realize that men find feet to be an attractive part of a woman's body and is therefore a main reason a woman paints her toes? At least from my perspective, painted toes work ladies, I melt when I see them and think about lickingthem and the soles of your feet......I love ALL women:)) Can I lick your toes??

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  • I have gorgeous feet, and I like to paint my nails because of it.
    Strappy leather sandals all summer long.
    You'll never see them.

  • See, no, you can't.
    Not because I'm like..freaked out or anything..
    but like..
    I'm very ticklish.
    You'll get kicked in the face....hard =P

  • You've just got a foot fetish. Nothing too weird :)
    You can lick my toes if you wish haha.

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