I thought they would regret it

Last night i went to the club with a friend and his girlfriend, We were all pounding shots and when he said to his girlfriend "Wanna get g*********" i thought he was joking, She slapped him in the chest and laughed saying "F*** off" but we all went back to their place.
Me another buddy, him and his girlfriend, We walked in and he said "Take off your clothes", She said "no" but he grabbed her and pulled her shirt up, She just lifted her arms and let him and he stripped her naked right in front of us, She was pretty drunk but she definitely knew what was going on and he said to me "Show her how big your d*** is", It is no secret out of my friends that i have the biggest d*** and she looked at him and said "You really want me to f*** all your friends", He said "F***** right i do" and she just shrugged her shoulders and said "Ok".
She is short and cute with not really buck teeth but bigger front teeth, Big t***, A chubby butt but overall a real nice body, Between the three of us we f***** the s*** out of her, She walked up, Straddled my lap looked down and said "Holy f***, I hope i can get that in me" then grabbed my d*** and slid down on it, She sat right to the base and moaned saying "Fuuuuuck thats a huge d***", She had d*** in her c***, D*** in her mouth, D*** in her hands and then he told her to spread her cheeks and she put spit on her hand and wiped it on her a******, I worked my d*** in her ass while they watched then when i shoved it all the way in she arched her back and she said "Holy f*** that hurts", I asked if she wanted me to stop and she said "Yes" so i pulled out and i was barely out and her boyfriend shoved his d*** in, She moaned F*** that's better Treat me like a s***", My other friend straddled her face and shoved his d*** in her mouth making her gag as he f***** her mouth hard while slapping her face and I pulled her nipples shaking and slapping her t*** so hard that she was almost crying.
I kept asking her if she wanted us to stop and she said "no" so we each took turns and f***** her like that for at least an hour slapping her face and t***, Fingering and f****** her ass and i finally did get to f*** her in the ass again a little bit at the end then we all came on her face and she got up to go shower, we followed her and all crammed in the shower and between then and morning i don't think there was a 5 minute period she didn't have at least one d*** in her, I came so much that i don't think i'll be able to get a h****** for a week probably and my b**** are aching right now.
I thought for sure they would be totally embarrassed and she would freak since i know for a fact she has never done anything like that before but its only noon and already three people have texted me asking if its true and said they heard it right from them.

May 27, 2017

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  • Girls and women who like to drink, especially those who get tipsy or drunk, make me super-hard. I'll buy them all the booze they want, take care of them while they walk tipsy or stagger while they booze it up bigtime. Plus, when I drink a lot, it makes me harder, not softer, because my d*** and I both love booze. So girls and women, contact me if you like what I said!

  • Sounds like a real cool evening had by all, never done this with friends but have watched my Mrs f*** young hung guys in hotel rooms,never get involved just watch as she whimpers on big big c*** in her c u n t and a r s e h o l e then once they go I have my way with her, how big are you then? Just that you mentioned you had the biggest c o c k of your crew

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