Wife sharing

I have shown graphic photos of my naked wife to thousands of men over the years. She has no clue she has become and internet s***. A nude fat Asian woman gets popular very quickly!

Most recently though I have calmed down and only trade nude photos with select few. One of those is her own father he loves and lusts over her photos often to,es masturbating to them.

If only she knew her father has seen every inch of her s**!

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  • It seems that this place is for little immature boys and not what I expected. I am going back to the lad of mature grown ups where there are more intelligent people.

  • I have the same fantasy. .. I always fantastized about 3 black men breaking into our home at night and brutally gang raping my wife and my 2 little young daughters.....

  • Molesting our beautiful, little girls and forcing me to watch....

  • Does you fantasy include them beating the f*** out of you until you're about dead? Because it should.

  • Virgin!

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