I want to try it sooo bad

I watched this lesbian p**** the other day, I want to try it. I have been curious about it for quite some time and now that I saw that p**** I really want to know what it would be like

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  • Cool! I like women too! Except I find lesbian p*** super boring. P*** is p*** though. I'm sure lesbian s** in the flesh would have me hammer a nail in wood hard to watch.

  • Definitely try it - find a freind thats willing. It is so exciting to touch a womans soft breast and stroke her soft body. I am female - tried and loved itl

  • definetely do it... i was curious about it for quite some time and then after experimenting i found out the wonderful news that i was bisexual :D

  • Don't do it..... you might like it ;)

  • What are you waiting for do it!!!!!

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