I'm over being a parent. So exhausting. Work full time. Never get to see my wife, ever. Never have a social life of any kind. Broke. Tired. Depressed. Then stay at home parents try to tell me how to balance things out in life. Obnoxious. Obviously though, we will keep moving forward and provide and teach our kid.

Oct 20, 2017

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  • Gasp! You mean it isn't all sunshine and unicorn farts?
    You mean your "perfect angel"... isn't?
    You mean you've had to change your lifestyle to accommodate this needy thing that won't stop screaming and crapping and destroying your home?
    You mean you're not a hyperevolved superhuman for doing what rabbits and flies do much better (and never whine about it)?
    How... how tragic. You could never have seen any of that coming, because nobody before you has ever had a kid so there's no empirical knowledge to be had.

    Bed made lie.
    Shut up.

  • Shocking, isn't it? If only there were people who had made that same VOLUNTARY LIFE CHOICE and been honest with you about what it entails. But that would've been a needle in a haystack, wouldn't it? Poor, poor you. Sob sob.

  • I understand, only I'm a single father with 3 boys. It's like frantically running around, headless. Every day is almost endless, and I can't wait for the evening so I can stop the chaos and be alone

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