I wish

Reading about all these men f****** their SILs makes me wish I had a BIL. My husband has lots of friends and I catch them looking at my t*** all the time. I’m just h**** all the time. How can I get one of them to f*** me? I think they feel so loyal to him.

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  • Come here with your husband and he will watch how fast, deep and hard I f*** your p**** and make you scream, then he will be hard too and we will double penetrate you ;)

  • Is it weird if I get more turned on thinking about him watching me while another man f**** me even more than double penetration?

  • You don’t know how wet I am thinking of that.

  • Id actually let him suck on me too... Id let him taste your juices off my big one

  • I'm a mature married woman and been married for 25yrs. A couple of years ago my husband started having erectile problems. He is very skilled at oral and always makes me c**. He also starting asking me about previous partners and when I told him about my previous s** life he would get hard enough to f*** me.
    A couple of months ago, after he had licked me to o***** he said that I could f*** other men if I needed to. I began wanking him off and told him that for the past year when I have gone out once a month, I have f***** other men. He got hsrd again and I sucked him dry. He said you are going out tomorrow. I smiled and said yes and I will get f*****, he kissed me an nd said don't us a condom I want to lick your s**** filled c***

  • So lucky.

  • I came home with 4 full condoms, he emptied two into a glass of red wine and one onto each t**, i drank the wine as he messaged the s**** into my t*** and then sucked them and i wanked him off

  • Let one of them catch you looking at his co c k. He will take care of the rest of it

  • Thank you . I’ll try it .

  • It's a great idea. Try it and let us know how you fare.

  • I think I’ve got one on the hook. Good looking older gent with what looks like a good sized c*** in his jeans. He saw me looking and winked. I’ll let you know.

  • It seems like some of these guys are so conservative though but like I said I see them looking and not to brag but I’m attractive and love to dress to show off my DDs and I see them looking.

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