I'm attracted to my brother

I've always had a crush on my brother--he's cute, and I want him to be the one to take my virginity. Sometimes I think about him when I m*********, imagine him giving it to me, and it feels sooo good.

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  • Flirt with him and flash at him ,that should do the trick

  • You're a dirty girl and you need to f*** your brother

  • You totally need to make a move. Been giving it to my sister for 3yrs now...nothing like it. Trust me, from a brothers perspective, he wants it just as much

  • That's why my sister was always half naked when we were alone, I didn't mind lol

  • How old are yous...

  • Suck him off does the trick

  • Just f*** him, we are both single and often f*** each other. It naught but fun

  • Very nice ! I hope you desire come true sweetie .

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